TimberTower installs first wooden wind turbine in Germany

The first wooden wind turbine tower in the world has been recently installed in Hanover, Germany. The turbine’s designer, TimberTower, reported that their design will prevent the release of 400 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in addition to its clean, renewable power generation capacities.

According to Holger Giebel, Managing Director of TimberTower, 99 percent of the Company’s wind turbine design uses renewable resources. TimberTower will begin testing the new turbine, eyeing to bring it online before 2013 ends. The Company is also working on a new, 140 meter tall tower.

The 100 meter tall tower Tower will provide electricity to 1,000 homes. It is designed to operate for at least 20 years and satisfies all current requirements for certification, fire protection, and insurance. Since it is made of wood, it is both possible and easy to recycle and replace.

The TimberTower wind turbine tower was assembled on site using glued laminated timber panels and surface components provided by the Company’s German and Austrian partners. According to the Company website, its wood suppliers secured the raw materials from ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forest management. The components are designed for efficient shipping, saving even more money and reducing carbon emissions.

The wind energy industry uses more steel the shipbuilding industry. The process of creating steel is costly, expends tremendous energy, and discharges significant pollution in the form of carbon dioxide. The wooden components of the TimberTower wind turbine provides an alternative.

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