Sharp unveils transparent solar panels in Japan

For those who want the advantages of solar power but don’t like how the photovoltaic panels ruin the view, Sharp revealed a new transparent solar panel that’s easy on the eyes because it’s see-through.

According to Sharp’s recent press release, the new solar panels are tinted black and semi-transparent. Sharp infused each laminated glass panel with photovoltaic cells. A single panel -which is 4.5-feet wide by 3.2-feet tall and only 0.37 inches thick- delivers a solar power conversion efficiency of about 6.8-percent. Its maximum output is 95 watts.

Traditional solar panels are far more efficient than the new transparent panel. Sharp isn’t aiming to compete with those, though. Instead, its new panel will offer unprecedented versatility as one of the very few transparent solar panels on the market.

The Sharp solar panels can be arranged and installed on balcony railings, high-rise windows, and other surfaces. It can serve double duty as a heat shield when attached to a window or balcony railing. By blocking sunlight, the panels can help keep the room or house cooler, allowing the user to save money otherwise spent on indoor cooling like air conditioning.

Sharp plans to release its new transparent solar panel on October 1. The Company has yet to set a price tag for its new product. It also did not mention any plans to market the solar panel in the United States.

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