Converting farm silos into wind turbines

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is funding Agri Wind Turbines, a venture by a U.S. Air Force veteran from Arkansas to create a low-cost wind turbine that uses compressed air funneled from farm silos. These turbines can provide affordable wind power to small and medium-sized farms in regions that are unsuitable for conventional wind turbines. 

According to Jeff Brown, founder and president of Agri Wind Turbines, independent farmers could use their infrastructure to support a vertical axis wind turbine design. In cases where the turbine generates excess energy, the farmer could sell the electricity back to the local utility. 

Agri Wind Turbines participated in the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center (ASBTDC) Federal and State Technology mentoring program. The Arkansas Science and Technology Authority also awarded the company a Technology Transfer Assistance Grant. 

Agri Wind Turbines is using the Technology Transfer grant for market research into wind energy. The $100,000 USDA grant will be used for computer modeling and simulations of using a farm silo to help power a wind turbine

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